The story about Stoneridge Iron Works Inc. is simply that over the last 32 years owner Alexander Otto has worked his way up in several companies and combined and refined custom as well as architectural Blacksmith techniques together and created a variety of different options for his clients to choose from for all interior and exterior designs needs. 
Alex was born in Toronto and moved when he was 10 years old to Germany.
After graduating from high school at the age of 15 he started an apprenticeship under his Master Franz Hausmann. In 2006 Alex moved with his family back to Canada and started working for Master Blacksmith Paul Reimer in Cranbrook BC. Alex was honored to work beside Paul on several Public art projects.
In 2009 Alex moved back to Ontario where he and his family finally settled down and open up his own Blacksmith shop in the Muskoka region what they love to call there home now. 
Since 2010 Stoneridge Iron Works Inc. is a full service Blacksmith shop and covers a wide spectrum of different items and ideas for all interior and exterior design needs made in Metal.
Contact Alex and get inspired from beginning to the final creation for all your forged design ideas. 
•Railings • Gates • Chandeliers & Lighting • Fireplace tools & Screens•
•Interior design ideas•
•Garden accessories • Dock work • Stainless steel work•